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Among Good Company
Music for a Convival Gathering

Instrumental and vocal selections from the 1700's and early 1800's

Lyrics and Historical Data included

1. Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Among Them All
2. Come Fill, Fill My Good Fellow
3. The Fandango/The New Fandango/A Spanish Jigg
4. Mrs. Madison's Favorite Waltz
5. Prestwick Bells/The Bells of Newport/Le Carillon dun Kerque
6. Bruce's Address to his Army/Bruce's March
7. Roving Peddlar/Tom Gallaway/Tom Galloway
8. Lamentation for James Abercairny
9. High Barbary
10. Fandango
11. Cumbées
12. Spanish Fandango
13. Bring in the Punch Ladle
14. Carolan's Dream
15. Fanny Poer (Power)
16. Auld Lang Syne

The Red Horse Inn Revisited
Vocals and Instrumentals of the 18th Century

Featuring: Barbara and Dennis Duffy, Dave Wall, Dave O'Dell, Jan Pierce & Ellie Smith

Lyrics and Historical Data included

1. Atholl Brose/Bottom of the Punch Bowl
2. Folks on the Other Side of the Wave
3. Willie brew'd a peck o' maut - Mp3 Sample
4. Minstrel Boy - Mp3 Sample
5. Will You Go to Flanders
6. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/St. Patrick's Day
7. Derby Ram - Mp3 Sample
8. Eileen Aroon
9. Stingo - Mp3 Sample
10. Rakes of Mallow
11. Farmer's Curst Wife - Mp3 Sample
12. The King's Own Regulars
13. Maggie Lauder - Mp3 Sample
14. Wild Mountain Thyme
15. Captain Kidd
16. Pull on the Oars - Mp3 Sample
17. Rigadoon/Rondeau
18. Antideluvians
19. Goodnight and Joy Be With You All/The Parting Glass

Out of the Ordinary
Instrumental Music of the 18th century

Barbara and Dennis Duffy, Dave Wall, Dave O'Dell, Jan Pierce, Tom Verdot, Mike Nichols & Emily Wall
Historical notes for each title included

1. Soldier's Return - Mp3 Sample
2. Catherine Ogee/Gilderoy - Mp3 Sample
3. George Brazabon
4. Money in Both Pockets/Off She Goes
5. Bonnie Portmore
6. Cuckoo's Nest/Speed the Plough
7. Knole Park/Staten Island Hornpipe - Mp3 Sample
8. Ewie With the Crooked Horn/The Drummer
9. Atholl Brose/Bottom of the Punch Bowl
10. The Bonniest Lass in All the World/Flowers of Edinburgh
11. Rosalin Castle/The Minerva - Mp3 Sample
12. Duke of Kent Waltz/Waterford Waltz
13. Contented I Am/Blind Mary
14. Irish Lamentation/Merily Danced the Quaker's Wife - Mp3 Sample

CDs sell for $15.00 each + Shipping and Handling.
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